Gifts for Teens                  is sponsored by the    American Association of University Women–San Jose (AAUW-San Jose) 
It is a tax exempt  organization that has been working with teenagers in Silicon Valley since 1997

At holiday time several community organizations collect toys and gifts for younger children, but donations for teenagers are always low. This means many of the teens living below the poverty level in Santa Clara County will receive no gifts during the holiday season.

Gifts for Teens brightens the holidays for many of these overlooked young people with special gift bags brimming with fun and practical items. The goal is to provide a holiday gift to homeless and low-income teenagers who may not have any special attention at this festive time.

Each year Gifts for Teens volunteers gather donated items and gifts purchased with cash donations to fill girls totes and boys gym bags. These bags are given to needy teens living in San Jose. With support from a broad base of over 600 Silicon Valley volunteers, corporations, and community organizations approximately 1,500 bags are filled and given as presents.

With each donation, Gifts for Teens can make the holidays special for over a thousand young people.

Gifts for Teens

1997 - 2018

  All donations are tax deductible

        Tax ID # 77-0201841


 Silicon Valley Cares - Philanthropic women members raised and donated a major cash grant of $19,000 to buy sturdy duffels, sweatshirts and gift bag contents for 2018. SVC sponsors the popular Broomstick Ball each October and has awarded this grant to GFT from the 2017 Broomstick Ball proceeds

 Hitachi Vantara - Granted funds to purchase heavy warm sweatshirts for needy youths for use this winter  (Grant Funds TBD)  

 SD Trombetta Fundation - Cash grant of $10,000 allowed GFT to purchase 1,300 cozy fleece blankets - one for each teen served in 2018

 The Pajama Program - Donated 750 pairs of pajamas to keep teens comfortable and help them get a good nights sleep. PJ’s are a necessity for teens living in group homes and shelters

 Stephen & Lydia Franzese Family Fund - Donation of $2,000 used to buy 250 more pairs of Pajamas from The Pajama Program.  1104 total pairs of fun PJs for guys and gals so each teen will have warm PJs this winter

San Jose Sharks - A much appreciated donation of 466 teal colored tee-shirts, very popular with the kids

National Charity League - Local chapter moms and daughters contributed over 500 pairs of new socks for the teens

Dr. Chris Corsa, DDS - Almaden dentist will collect and donate candy to add a sweet treat to each gift bag in 2018

Golfland - Donating admission tickets to play mini-golf to add to gift bags for many teens

GFT wants to thanks the following organizations for their consistent monetary support:
 Alamaden Valley Singles
 The History Club of Los Gatos
 Delta Theta Tau Sorority 
 Almaden Valley Women’s Club 

GFT wants to thank
 Numerous Individuals  - who contribute cash and in-kind items used to fill the popular duffels and tote bags for teens each year


 SD Trombetta Fundation - Cash donation of $10,000 for purchasing duffels, totes, and bag gifts

 Silicon Valley Cares - A major cash grant of $19,000 to GFT for 2018. SVC sponsors the popular Broomstick Ball each October. SVC awarded a grant of $19,000 to GFT from the 2017 Ball proceeds

 Hitachi - Cash donation of $5000 to help buy sweatshirts.  And an    enthusiastic group of employees comes to help fill bags too. 
 Los Gatos History Club - Cash donation of $2,000 for bag contents. The Club is a longtime supporter, and sends energetic and fun members to help prepare the teen bags and totes every year. 


Hitachi Data Systems  - donation for over $7,000

Silcon Valley Gives - fundraising  for over $9,000

Cisco Systems - 700 Sweatshirts

Weingarten Realty - December workspace to complete gift bags

SD Trombetta Foundation - generous cash donation to buy bags

Whole Foods  Markets Blossom Hill - Nickels for Non Profits fundraiser for $3,600

Second Harvest Food Bank - snacks for 1,200 teens

Los Gatos History Club - generous cash donation

Almaden Valley Women’s Club - cash donations

Old Spaghetti Factory  - gift cards

Golfland - admission gift certificates

Archbishop Mitty High School - student drives for gift items

Presentation High School - student drives for requested gift items

Numerous Individual Donors - cash donations and teen items

Go to our  2016 News and Events  page to find out more about 2016 donors.

Visit Almaden Times 2016, October 7 article “Gifts for Teens delivers joy as well as presents”

                       2015 MAJOR DONORS

Go to our  2015 News and Events page to find out more about 2015 donors, including:

San Jose Sharks Foundation Grant of $24,300 for new shoes
Silicon Valley Gives May 5, 2015 raises $6,400

SD Trombetta Foundation Grant of $5,500 for new shoes 
Los Gatos History Club Fund Raiser A World of Taste  raises $4,730
Hitachi Data Systems has donated a generous $3,700

SanDisk donates USB Drives

Whole Foods, Blossom Hill Market  Nickels For Non-Profits2015_News_%26_Events.html

1997 - 2017  


GIFTS FOR TEENS                     



From 1997 to 2017 GIFTS FOR TEENS has

supported needy Silicon Valley teenagers

with lovely useful gifts for the holidays.

We could not do this each year for 20

years without the continued support of our

amazing and loyal South Bay

community partners.

Thanks for 20 years of success serving thousands of needy teens!